To restore a piece of furniture may require different methods of expertise and materials Knowledge, skill and the correct range of tools are very important.

When restoring an antique or household furniture maintaining the original qualities and features of a piece is very important. The piece of furniture has a function from the particular period the furniture was designed.

The Victorians were guilty of removing accessories from furniture and replacing it with wooden knobs instead of brass handles. This was to keep the furniture style more Victorian. However the alterations, are not correct for the period and style the furniture was intended.

Personal Note
If you are unsure of repairing or cleaning a piece of furniture, it is common sense to take it to the professionals. I have often seen bad attempts people have made, trying to restore their furniture. In some cases, the value of the furniture has been reduced.

A client decided to re-polish his chest of drawers. He brought the furniture in when he ran into trouble. I explained that cleaning or reviving might have been an alternative.

Veneer / Inlay/ Marquetry and Parquetry

For loosened or unfastened pieces must be repaired before the pieces are lost.
However, a missing piece. can be carefully made, matching the wood color and grain.

Cleaning and Reviving

Sometimes professional cleaning and reviving can restore the piece of furniture without re-polishing.

Minor & Structural Repairs

Any minor repairs (e.g. missing veneer) or structural repairs must be done before re-polishing upholstering or leather work


Stripping is the LAST RESORT on antique furniture.
It is best not to tamper with the surface unless the polish is damaged beyond repair.


There are two aims of bleaching:-

  1. One removes the stain
  2. One removes the colour of the wood


Staining can alter the appearance of wood and enhance the grain. There are many types of stain available.

The most commonly used stain are :-

  1. Oil based
  2. Spirit based
  3. Water based

Finishes & re-polishing

There are many types of finishes. Some common ones are listed below:-

  1. Beeswax
  2. Linseed Oil
  3. French Polish / Shellac
  4. Spray Polish
  5. Lacquers

All these finishes can be done to a high quality standard