A piece of furniture could have different types of blemishes or damage

The most common blemishes on the wood surface are:-

  • Bruises, Black Spots (Water Damage), Burn Marks, Scratches
  • Heat Marks, Ink Stains, Spirit Marks, Dents

See Damaged Furniture

The most common damage repairs are on:-

  • Bruised corners on furniture, gaps in inlay, marquetry or Parquetry
  • Worn or loose joints on chairs, drawers, on other furniture
  • Gaps, small bubbles in veneer
  • Broken arms, legs, joints and dowels Broken rails or stretchers
  • Missing rails or stretchers
  • Wet Rot, Dry Rot and Wood Worm
  • Missing or broken mouldings or carvings
  • Missing or broken turnings
  • Broken glass panels
  • Broken or missing locks & hinges
  • Other missing or broken brassware
  • Weak joints or other structural damage
  • Splits and cracks
  • Warping of wood
  • Missing or damaged leathers